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Mission Report 5/20/18







Week 1 (9JUN18)


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     Briefing Packet | Leadership Packet

Promotions - 5/20/18






PVT A.Zephyr promoted to Private First Class.



SPC G.Garrett promoted to Specialist.



SPC M.Mike promoted to Corporal.

SPC O.Jones promoted to Corporal.

SPC S.Jeffries promoted to Corporal.

SPC W.Cushman promoted to Corporal.



SGT A.John promoted to Staff Sergeant.

SGT C.Papa promoted to Staff Sergeant.

Awards - 5/20/18






PFC M.Roskov awarded the Army Good Conduct Medal.

PFC L.Truitt awarded the Army Good Conduct Medal.

SPC D.Nova awarded the Army Good Conduct Medal.

SPC J.Treehorn awarded the Army Good Conduct Medal.

SPC K.Hargy awarded the Army Good Conduct Medal.

CW2 B.Fines awarded the Army Good Conduct Medal.

2LT A.Guard awarded the Army Good Conduct Medal.



SPC S.Jeffries awarded the Meritorious Service Medal.

SPC O.Jones awarded the Meritorious Service Medal.

CPL J.Stevenson awarded the Meritorious Service Medal.

SGT C.Papa awarded the Meritorious Service Medal.



PVT A.Zephyr awarded the Army Achievement Medal.

SPC O.Jones awarded the Army Achievement Medal.

SPC S.Jeffries awarded the Army Achievement Medal.



PVT B.Lammon awarded the Army Commendation Medal.

PFC M.Roskov awarded the Army Commendation Medal.

SPC W.Cushman awarded the Army Commendation Medal.

SPC K.Hargy awarded the Army Commendation Medal.

CPL J.Gauthier awarded the Army Commendation Medal.



SPC K.Hargy awarded the Air Medal.

2LT A.Guard awarded the Air Medal.

Unit Schedule - 5/13/18



May 13th, 2018 -- Alpha Co. of the 72nd Airborne Division begin preparation for deployment to Afghanistan.


Field Training Exercise (MAY 19 - JUN 2)

The unit is scheduled for three weeks of field training in Zargabad.


Deployment (JUN 9 - JUL 14).

The division will enter the Kunar Province, Afghanistan early June as part of Counter-Insurgency operations along the Hindu Kush mountain range.

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