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Monthly Report - 2/10/19




64 Active - 18 AWOL - 4 Pending Transfer - 1 Separated


Full Report Here


Those that failed to muster for the month of December have been flagged. Changes will go in effect 17FEB19, contact 1LT V.Roberts immediately if your name is on this list or risk removal or transfer from the unit.

Promotions - 2/10/19






REC C.Long promoted to Private.



SPC A.Zephyr promoted to Corporal.

Unit Schedule 1/5/19



January 5th, 2019 -- Alpha Co. of the 72nd Airborne Division begin preparation for deployment to Finland.


Field Training Exercise (JAN 5 - JAN 19)

The unit is scheduled for three weeks of field training in Finland.


Deployment (JAN 26 - MAR 2).

Concluding training, the division will remain in Finland as part of the NATO-led effort to counter Russian aggression in the East.

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Unit Donations

Monthly goal is $200/month. This covers the costs for our website, ArmAClans, ArmA servers, and TeamSpeak3.

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