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Deadline is 9/30

Awards - 9/24/2017






REC J.Soren awarded the Parachutist Badge.

REC Z.Brown awarded the Parachutist Badge.

PVT B.Fines awarded the Parachutist Badge.

PVT G.Garrett awarded the Parachutist Badge.

PVT S.Goodwin awarded the Parachutist Badge.

PVT C.Hearts awarded the Parachutist Badge.

PFC G.Gumby awarded the Parachutist Badge.

PFC D.Clark awarded the Parachutist Badge.

PFC O.Jones awarded the Parachutist Badge.



Promotions - 9/24/17






REC C.Hearts promoted to Private.



CPL J.Spaun promoted to Sergeant.



WOC M.Greene promoted to Warrant Officer One.

Unit Schedule - 8/27/17



September 2nd, 2017 -- Alpha Co. of the 72nd Airborne Division begin preparation for deployment to Syria.


Field Training Exercise (SEP 02 - SEP 16)

The unit is scheduled for three weeks of field training in the nearby territory of Zargabad.


Deployment (SEP 23 - OCT 28)


The division will enter the area of operations mid-September as part of the invasion force to securing a NATO foothold in the region.

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Unit Donations

Monthly goal is $200/month. This covers the costs for our website, ArmAClans, ArmA servers, and TeamSpeak3.

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