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    First weekend update message on the new website, alright, alright, alriiighht. Let's talk about website stuff --

    >MUSTER IN is now called REPORT IN here on PERSCOM 2.0. We'll still refer to it as the muster from time to time but the process for completing the muster is still the same, navigate to PERSCOM > Operations Center > and you will see a 'Report In' button off to the right that you can press once every 7 days. Pressing the button every 7 days will keep you as 'Active' in the unit, this is represented by the green 'Active' bar seen on the Operations Center and Personnel File page. 14 days without pressing the report in button will send a notification to you and your supervisor reminding you to press the button, your status is still active. 21 days without pressing the button will change your status to a red 'Absent Without Leave' bar. This falls in line with our monthly check-in and report, which we'll still be doing for the time being, that's around the 30-day mark. The call to muster (report in) will be done towards the end/beginning of the month, I will be looking for those marked 'AWOL' to put on the report.


    >ADMINISTRATIVE FORMS no longer exists at the top menu, it has been replaced with PERSONAL ACTION REQUESTS (PARs). It's literally the same thing but we're no longer processing it through Google forms, it's all built inside PERSCOM. You can find PARs next to the report in button, in the Operations Center page. Some of you have already found it and have made requests, moving on, the admin forms will no longer be in play.


    >DISPLAY NAMES are now different than in our previous website, PERSCOM 2.0 no longer changes your username and formats it with rank. I know, it's weird that the more advanced PERSCOM lost a good feature. To keep it simple stupid everyone's display name will be their first initial, a period, followed by a space, and their last name -- V. Roberts easy right? You can change your username at any time by going into your account settings and changing your display name.



    >DONATE if you can, the website upgrade took a chunk out of the unit funds.


    >RECRUITING, here's the reddit link, upvote. Also vote armaclans everyday.


    That's all for now, stay tuned for upcoming schools and other unit announcements. 



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