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  5. A sidearm eccentric course designed to increase proficiency in pistol marksmanship through fundamental shooting techniques, firing drills, and stress shoots.
  6. The JTAC Course focuses on communication between air and ground assets and direction of close air support (CAS). Students learn how to call in support from rotary and fixed-win assets.
  7. An overview of crew serve weapons and effective employment of weapon systems in supportive roles during combat operations including the M240B, M3 MAAWS and 60MM Mortar.
  8. The Drill Instructor is a pipeline course to becoming a training instructor in the unit. Students learn leadership fundamentals to successfully train, lead and support soldiers though all training courses offered.
  9. Check the website homepage for information regarding our current deployment. This event will be any of the following Campaign Mission Field Training Exercise (FTX) Stand-Down Operation
  10. Air Assault School

    Hosted by SSG K. Hargy
  11. Airborne School

    Hosted by SSG K. Hargy
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    I want to get it done earlier. 1400 CST? Say Yes.
  14. The First phase course of the recruit pipeline. Students focus on the fundamentals of various weapon platforms used in combat and is tested on marksman proficiency on the M4A1 Carbine
  15. The Combat Lifesaver course introduces students to the A.C.E advanced medical system and procedures in assisting the platoon medic with tactical combat casualty care.
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    PFC A. Hydra PVT D. Yocum (space for one more) Need at least one extra instructor. Prepared Loadout with no rifle, Kimber Custom Covert II.
  17. Airborne School

    2 Hours before operation time, we will be hosting an Airborne school. Upon successful completion, students will be qualified for airborne drops and will no longer need the TP pole of shame. Instructor: Garrett Pilot: Guard
  18. This event is not mandatory. The 72nd is taking two weeks off! Happy holidays! Regular operations will resume after Christmas.
  19. For members looking to get their Arma 3 fix over the holiday break, use this time slot to host events with your friends! (This event is not mandatory.) The 72nd is taking two weeks off! Happy holidays! Regular operations will resume after Christmas.
  20. NCO School Week 1 Makeup
  21. This a change to test the mission and have some doing so.
  22. NCO School Week 3

    Nco School Week 3
  23. NCO School Week 2

    NCO School Week 2
  24. NCO School Week 1

    NCO School Week 1
  25. No pilots available, School to be postponed.
  26. Air Assault school wil be held at 1600 CST. Please be there 15 minutes early
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    Let’s do it
  28. Platoon NCO Meeting


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    NCO School Interest Discussion
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