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  5. No pilots available, School to be postponed.
  6. Air Assault school wil be held at 1600 CST. Please be there 15 minutes early
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    Let’s do it
  8. Platoon NCO Meeting


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    NCO School Interest Discussion
  10. Platoon NCO Meeting

    Platoon NCO Meeting
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    This event is an opportunity for community members to create custom missions for others to enjoy. Anyone can host any kind of an opertion they'd like as long as they fit into the community SOP. The SOP can be found here. --->
  12. SFODA FTX 1200 CST

    SFODA Sunday Training, covering MOUT & Raid
  13. Mandatory Platoon NCO Meeting
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    This is the first week of medic trials. If you see this message before the 1st week you can still sign up by messaging me. Hope to see you there!
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    Operation Dark Orphan - Deployment The 72nd will be on a 6-week deployment cycle. This is our main event we host every Saturday @1800 CST. Arrive 10 minutes early, with the rights mods, right kits, and be ready to kick some ass. Notify your leadership if you need a TPR or LOA.
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    Operation Dark Orphan - Field Training 72nd will conduct 3-weeks of field training in preparation for their 6-week deployment beginning September. Arrive 10 minutes early, have your mods downloaded, your kits squared away, and be ready to train.
  17. TIME // O: [Operation Time] 1800 CST Z: [Zulu (In-Game) Time] 1100 Zulu WEATHER // Clear skies, light winds from the East SITUATION // [Overview of the what's happening in the region; Enemy forces; Friendly Forces; Enemy Frequencies] Fighting has picked up in the SW region, more fighters expected to travel through the mountain pass in the coming weeks. The 201st ANA is preparing an assault in district 6... [IMAGERY (If any)] MISSION // [Brief mission statements for each group; the 5 W's: Who, What, When, Where, Why. Groups stationed outside SATCOM Uplink will be omitted] AIRBORNE // 1-1 // Conduct KLE with village elder in the village of Al Riyal [312-123], inquire about report of enemy fighters burying weapons around the village. Trans will be from Proz to Fob Mike 1, RT FOB Mike when mission complete... 1-2 // QRF at Proz. 1-3 // Omitted [No SATCOM Uplink at current location; will relay mission LR 32 at mission start] 1-6 // Conduct KLE with 1-1. A-HQ // Going with... SFODA // Conduct search for weapons cache in the capital city [643-234], TACREP suggests underground cell using this location as a launching platform for attacks on police station. Trans will be from Proz to Camp Branca, RT Camp Branca at mission complete, Trans scheduled to pick you up from Camp Branca and return you to Proz. Other tasking -- attach sniper to 1-2 for QRF at Proz. ACE // Expect heavy transit, multiple groups flying out of Proz, plan on bringing escorts (if possible). If able, we'll conduct a few slingload operations to plus up equipment at a few of the outlying COPs. As always, CAS will be on standby for any units reporting Troops In Contact (TIC). FLIGHT PRIORITIES // [TRANS] 9 pax, 1-1, 1-6, Proz AB to Fob Mike 1 [TRANS] 7 pax, Hitman-Actual, Proz AB to Camp Branca [TRANS] 10 pax, 1-3, Proz AB to Camp Kinno [PATROL] Recon sector 1, 11 (see notes) [SLOAD] 2 boxes, Proz AB to OP Robstrepo [TRANS] 7 pax, ODA, Camp Branca to Proz AB (on call) [CAS and QRF is considered a constant priority and doesn't need to be listed; however, a specific CAS mission should be listed: [CAS] Gunship support of ODA at Al Riyal] FLIGHT NOTES // [Any notes or considerations for ACE that they need to know] [PATROL] TACREP suggests fighters moving from Pakistan into sector 1, 11; conduct recon and report back. [The information provided should be enough for ACE to draft a flight plan,they'll determine the best way to accomplish the mission and will confer with you if there's any considerations or changes that should be made.] COMMAND AND SIGNAL // CPT N.Icomach, Avenger-6, LR 32, Proz Airbase 1LT V.Roberts, Avenger-Main, LR 32, Proz Airbase 1SG J.Young, Avenger-7, LR 32, OP Robstrepo 1LT A.Fortnum, 1-6, LR 32, District 8 2LT A.Guard, ACE, LR 40, Proz Airbase 10th Mtn Arty Batt., Gulf Batter, LR 32, Proz Airbase SERVICE AND SUPPORT // QRF // 1-2 will be on standby at Proz on LR Freq 32 with Super 6-1. An A-10 'Demon' will also be on standby. FIRE SUPPORT // [If any] Bravo Battery will be on standby LR Freq 32. RESUPPLY // Coordinate with Super 6-2 on LR Freq 40 for resupply mission. MEDICAL // 3-line CASEVAC will be in effect. Coordinate with Super 6-1 (or QRF) on LR Freq 32. EQUIPMENT // All groups leaving the wire need to bring an LR radio with SATCOM antenna. INTEL // Prophet will relay TACREP on LR Freq 31 at mission start. All intel acquired will be turned in post-mission to Avenger-6.
  18. Operation TIME: [DATE] @ [TIME] [IN GAME DATE @ INGAME TIME] WEATHER: [PICTURE OF AO] SITUATION [Run down of situation.] PLATOON [Platoon Objective] ODA [ODA Objectives] ACE [ACE Objectives] PRIMARY TASKING: [ACE Tasking] QRF PROTOCOL: ADDITIONAL NOTES: MEDICAL CCP's are to be setup on the move. MEDEVAC REQUESTS: 3-LINE MEDEVACs are in effect.
  19. Elements of the 72nd Airborne Division begin training exercises on the Nogova Multinational Training Island in preparation for Operation Dark Orphan.
  20. Running form russians in "northern" alaska"
  21. Student Name: Instructor Name: Date Conducted: Final Score:
  22. I don't know, can you?
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    REMINDER: Download Santa Catalina Island, USA map from the WW2 Repository ASAP for the operation, to insure you can join the operation at its respective time.
  24. Recruiter Documents Processed
  25. Recruiter Documents Processed
  26. Student Name: REC Applo Instructor Name: SFC Whitaker Date Conducted: 08/12/19 Final Score: 48/50
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